Alexander P Browning

BMath, MPhil

Hi, I’m Alex, a PhD student at QUT in Brisbane, Australia. My research interests include applied mathematics problems that use individual based models, inference techniques, optimal control, and, recently, materials science. I am also the previous partner in Canvas Digital Media, where I created websites and videography projects for clients in Brisbane.

Research Experience

Aside from completing a Master of Philosophy and studying for a Doctor of Philosophy, I worked as a Research Assistant for Professor Matthew Simpson for 6 months from mid-2017 to early-2018. During this time, I produced one first author publication and one second author publication. The projects I worked on used mathematical modelling techniques to describe pattern formation and invasion of melanoma cells.

Education and Training

I completed the Bachelor of Mathematics at the Queensland University of Technology in 2015, with a High Distinction. I went on to study a Masters of Philosophy under Professor Matthew Simpson and Professor Scott McCue, at the Queensland University of Technology, which I completed in mid-2017.

I am currently studying a Doctor of Philosophy at the Queensland University of Technology under Professor Matthew Simpson, Professor Kevin Burrage and Dr Francis Woodhouse.

I also have extensive self taught computer skills, and can competently use Microsoft Office, the Adobe Suite, Final Cut Pro and Motion X. I also have programming experience in MATLAB, C++, Latex, R, CSS, HTML, JavaScript and PHP. I have some experience in other programming languages such as SQL, SAS, Python and Maple, and am currently learning Mathematica.


  1. QANZIAM 2019 best student talk
  2. MBSIG best student paper (2019) [Read Paper]
  3. ANZIAM 2019 honourable mention for the TM Cherry prize [Download Presentation]
  4. Australian RTP scholarship (2018 – present)
  5. Deans list for academic excellence (2013 – 2015)

Conferences and Talks

I have presented my work at:

  1. University of Bath, Computational and Mathematical Biology Seminar
    Bath, United Kingdom (October, 2019)
  2. Enumath 2019
    Egmond aan Zee, The Netherlands (October, 2019)
  3. QANZIAM 2019
    Brisbane, Australia (June, 2019)
  4. Mathematical Biology Special Interest Group (MBSIG) meeting
    Nelson, New Zealand (February, 2019)
  5. ANZIAM 2019
    Nelson, New Zealand (February, 2019)
  6. Banff International Research Station (BIRS) workshop
    “Mathematical and Statistical Challenges in Bridging Model Development, Parameter Identification and Model Selection in the Biological Sciences”
    Banff, Canada (November, 2018)
  7. ANZIAM 2018
    Hobart, Australia (February, 2018)
  8. ANZIAM 2017
    Adelaide, Australia (February, 2017)

Teaching Experience

Lecturing Experience
I lectured the first half of MXB107: Introduction to Statistical Modelling, in Semester 2, 2018. I was also ‘super tutor’ for this unit, and worked on creating assessment items for this unit.

Tutoring Experience
I have been a sessional academic at QUT since 2016. During this time I have tutored a range of first and second year undergraduate mathematics subjects, including MZB125 (Introductory Engineering Mathematics), MAB141 (Mathematics and Statistics for Health Sciences), MXB161 (Computational Explorations), MXB107 (Introduction to Statistical Modelling), LQB284 (Biomedical Skills 2), MXB261 (Modelling and Simulation Science) and MZB126 (Engineering Computation).

Private Tutoring Experience
I created, and ran, the private tutoring business ‘AB Tutors’ from 2013 – 2016. During this time I tutored over ten high school students in Mathematics, Advanced Mathematics and Physics.