My Publications


  1. Designing combination therapies using multiple optimal controls
    JA Sharp, AP Browning, T Mapder, CM Baker, K Burrage, MJ Simpson
  2. Identifying density-dependent interactions in collective cell behaviour
    AP Browning, W Jin, MJ Plank, MJ Simpson


  1. Reversible signal transmission in an active mechanical metamaterial
    AP Browning, FG Woodhouse, MJ Simpson
    Proceedings of the Royal Society A (2019)
  2. Optimal control of acute myeloid leukaemia
    J Sharp, AP Browning, T Mapder, K Burrage, MJ Simpson
    Journal of Theoretical Biology (2019)
  3. A Bayesian sequential learning framework to parameterise continuum models of melanoma invasion into human skin
    AP Browning, P Haridas, MJ Simpson
    Bulletin of Mathematical Biology (2019)
  4. Three-dimensional experiments and individual based simulations show that cell proliferation drives melanoma nest formation in human skin tissue
    P Haridas, AP Browning, J McGovern, DLS McElwain, MJ Simpson
    BMC Systems Biology (2018)
  5. Inferring parameters for a lattice-free model of cell migration and proliferation using experimental data
    AP Browning, SW McCue, RN Binny, MJ Plank, ET Shah, MJ Simpson
    Journal of Theoretical Biology (2018)
  6. A Bayesian Computational Approach to Explore the Optimal Duration of a Cell Proliferation Assay
    AP Browning, SW McCue, MJ Simpson
    Bulletin of Mathematical Biology (2017)